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Welcome to the World of Exotic Cats!

Breeder of Savannahs and Bengals

Now also in Wisconsin as well as Minnesota

The  longest standing breeder in the 5 state area.

Noted for True Savannah to Savannah breeding &  breeding  Bengals  .


Check out my breeders under the breeder page

 I do not use any bengal studs in my savannah to savannah breeding .

I believe in keeping the savannah as a pure breed. As mentioned  before a savannah is a spotted cat



Expecting Savannah kittens out of my F 4  savannah bree


Bengal kittens out of My  F 3 SBT Bengal -Aurora

Early march 2018


Nala my F 5 had 2 kittens on 11-4-17

pictures coming soon

& Stud-Sir nero F 5 C

Both kittens are sold

Expecting Savannah & Bengal kittens spring of 2018


 Since 2015 to present 2018  Breeders in Wi and the 5 state area  as well as back yard breeders issues have  been brought  to my attention. It is a proven   fact that any kitten that is spayed/neutered before 6 months  can have health issue's later in life. We as good breeders are trying to de-ter this issue. In another words you get what you pay for. Also so much informaton on their sites is false. Savannahs are not a wild cat, and do very well with smaller or larger pets. Savannahs & Bengals enjoy having buddies. Let alone some of my savannahs & bengals Kittens have done very well with children that may have a disabilty. Its disturbing to us reputable breeders that these catterys are after the almighty dollar and not the health and well being of the animal. ( To truly understand both these majestic breeds) These people need to get there facts correct, and not put information out there that is false or misleading. It is very important to myself as well as  other breeders that we keep in contact with all our customers/repeat buyers hearing how our kittens are doing in their new loving homes .

Good reputable breeders help out ,& care  regarding the health  and well being of the kitten's we adopt out. We encourge those that adopt our kittens to be in contact with us. We also obey  and up-hold the code of Ethic's from the TICA

 that these kittens are required to have at least 2 distemper-shots .


I'm so happy that Tamarac Exotics was contacted from a Wi new's channel for information regarding Servals as well as our savannah program's. I'm glad I could  be apart of this . We believe that a ban on these animals would not be correct. And yet those that want to own one of these majestic breeds needs to be informed on how to understand  them. And the health and well being of them.





Midwest Mysticals Owner Deb Johnson was honored to have a International filming crew here in September for 2 days doing a documentary on this Majestic breed both Savannahs & Bengals.  It was aired the latter part of November (2013) in Paris France and England. This documentary is going to be re-aired in Paris France & England 2015 with new footage of my savannahs and Bengals


I was very excited to hear that one of my kittens (Aaber) purchased from my cattery made it to the semi-finals ( 2013) on you-tube  for a Doritos Commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl Game. She was  picked for her wonderful personality & spots.




I'm very excited with  newest addition to Midwest Mysticals

An F 4 C Female from Tamarac Exotics with Excellent blood lines.

LT  1 savannahs out of Alabama

& Clawed Monet featured on savannah cat  from tennesse .

more information on savannah cat kittens for sale



If your interested in what my breeders produce check out past Kittens and Fun photos.

It very important to me that my kittens are in good loving homes, to enjoy and understand these beautiful  majestic breeds and how loving they are.


Check out the new fun photo page!

A Bit About Us: I have two  beautiful hobby farm's one  in central Wisconsin and  the other in  Minnesota. Natural, spring-fed creeks that gently wind throughout the property's add charm and grace to my home's.  My family regularly enjoys time with our horses, dogs, cats, and wildlife local to my farm's.  Animals have been my passion for over 30 years. I worked at veterinary clinic for over  10 years, where I cared for both small and large animals. Now I'm a  semi-retired vet tech.  I am registered with the TICA as well as with FCF .Besides the Savannahs I own two Egyptian Maus, Two Bengals, as well as dogs and horses. Savannah Cats have always fascinated me. Having that exotic look, coupled with great temperament, makes them a great animal to have in the family with children and with other pets.  After searching all over the United States both past & present  I have found  beautiful females & Males from top breading lines; Select Exotics , Kirembo savannahs out of California . Ti-Amo of Missouri , FuzionKatz & now Tamarac Exotics . My newest Female Bree  is from( North Coast exotics) Ohio and is  very well spotted , Nice ear type & oceli.  I'm also very excited about  my new Stud Sir Nero & Mr. Mr.Both F 5 C's, And proven males. Both have excellent blood lines out of the top 5 breeder's in the US.  A true Savannah is spotted. A Bengal can be spotted, rosetted or a marble.    (My  Cattery does only Savannah to Savannah Breeding)

Up Date : There is a person in Cambridge Mn selling exotic pets, some which are illegal in MN . This would include mixed breeding of savannahs, bengals, dogs,birds, just about everything.( buying,selling and trading,scamming, just about anything)  Several compliants have been reported through face book groups & other mentor groups. Also  there is a person/persons with false websiting and information in  Wi & Mn claming  they're selling characoals, servals, ocelets and the list continues. this is a scam  It has been brought to my attention and other breeders of at least 2 scammers & Back yard breeders as well as )with-in our states and  others. Bascially selling savannahs and bengals far less then what their worth .  Not caring about the health or well being of the animal .

  Also claming to be apart of "The International Cat Association" & doing false/ creating  documents stating they are apart of the TiCA.  A good reputable breeder, takes time, care and has  compassion in what they do  in breeding both of these majestic breeds.  It is important that you talk to a reputable breeder to answer any questions you may have. Also I have been informed that kittens are being spayed/neutered before 6 months of age. Being in the veterinarian field, it is a proven fact that these kittens may have health issues as the grow. Please call if you have any questions. I'd be happy to help you out.


Deb Johnson


email address midwestmysticals@yahoo.com


Go to the Savannah page to watch the Cats 101 video on the Savannah cats.




I'm a proud member of the Feline Conservation Federation* 
updated 2-12-18