Past Kittens

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Here are a few of the past kittens from my cattery.

Also Please visit my facebook page midwest mysticals for more photos. To see both past and present kittens on what my breeders produce. !

Thank you !!

Ginger ( sassys kitten) and Loki ( lotus's kitten-dark spotted)  at 12 weeks old enjoying their new loving home




peacons kittens at 13 weeks old


Enjoying Christmas-peacons kittens at 13 weeks old



One of Brees kittens



Kashettes F 5 SBT kittens at 4 months. beautiful silvers with the cute tuffs on the ears


(Peacons kitten at 7 months old-beautiful silver F 5 SBT


Brees kitten at 6 months


Durban-one of brees kittens



kashettes kitten at 5 weeks. loves that old tower.


Kamaha one of peacons kitten at 6 months


Ivy one of peacons kitten at 6 months - stunning.



 Tigger- one of bree's kittens at 5 months



Ivy-one of peacon's kitten at 6 months




Kitten-one of brees kittens at 4 months ( their buddys)



Kitten one of auroras bengal kittys.


Kitten one of nalas kittens




Zeus one of nalas kiitens



Mya one of nalas kittens


bree's kittens at 6 weeks


one of brees kittens


one of brees boys at 8 weeks


Spice ( one of nalas kittens)


Cuddle time ( one of nalas kittens at 4 months)


Doc ( at 6 months one of bree's kittens)


Doc, Callie, and Dash ( from bree )




Chilli ( one of nala kittens)


Brees kittens( at 12 weeks)


Durban( brees kitten at  6 months)


Ivy at 5 months sleeping on Nates neck ( nalas kitten)


Savannah Kitten



Savannah Kittens ( one of nalas batch)


Milo aurora kitten


Milo and Murphy ( one of auroras batch's)





She loves this tower.



Aubrey with friend Durban  







Friz and Chip 

Bree's kitten


"Chip" Resting from play

Bree's kitten


Evie Enzio and Howl

Nalas kittens


Aurora kittens at 3 days old



Bee-Be's kitten at 4 weeks old



Fun Time ( Princess Odezza at 3 months old) Now at  Tamarac Exotics as a future breeder

Her brother is now a proven at North Coast Exotics in Ohio

Mother Nala -of Midwest Mysticals

Sire Sir nero- of Midwest Mysticals





Murphy one of Aurora's kitten


Halo enjoy spring time


Miss Harleyette & Iddy bit who isn't so small


Nalas kitten Ezio & Evie


Where is the ice?


Look at me.


Raji and Roxy



Nalas kittens at 4 weeks born 8-20-15


 Brees kittens at 8 weeks born 7-10-15


 Bree with kittens born 7-10-15



Brees kitten at 11 weeks




Miss Harleyett and Iddy-Bit 


Bengal kittens at 5 weeks old  Litter from 10-30-14 ( sold)

Perry and Lighting


Iddy - Bit who not so little and Miss Harleyett


Chester Cheetah at 5 months


Brother and Sister, Owen & Ana at 7 weeks

Beautiful spotted Bengals



Keeta-Keona at 4 months old  now Chester Cheetah

This picture was on savannahcat.



Halo Baby Protector


Trouble (Now Kaiser)


Peanut (Now Rafiki) 


Trouble (Now Kaiser Sosai)


Buzz-Be (Now Benji) with a new friend.  



Squeakers (Now T.J. Thomas James)



Ella (Now Zuri) 


Buzz-Be (Now Benji)


Squeaker (Now T.J.

Thomas James)


Peanuts Twin brother T & T (Now Baxter)


Trouble (Now Kaiser )


Bengal - Mr. Tigger











Sir Elton






Kya They very well with other pets



Cedric the Bengal 










 Halo helping in the garden.



























Isabelle Sold to Ken


Lilly F3 Bengal


Kiara Savannah


Alastair F4 Savannah


Lilibet and Alastair F4 Savannahs (daughter and son of Silver).


Nikki F3 Bengal


Kono F3 Bengal


Halo F3 Bengal at 8 months


Kiara F5C Savannah



Quinn F3 Bengal


Jango F5C Savannah


Obi F3 Bengal


Zannah F3 Bengal


Lilibit (left) F4 Savannah and Quinn F3 Bengal


Shelby F3 Bengal


Iggy F3 Bengal


Kira F5C at 10 months old.


Aaber F5C Savannah


Nahla at 8 months F5C Savannah


Bruno at 4 months F5C


Nero at 12 weeks F5C Savannah


Lilibet F5C Savannah


Dash F5C Savannah


Kira F5C Savannah


Stella (F5C) 2 months


Tuskers (F5C) 2 months


Callie 8 months (F5C)


Diamond 6 months (F6C)


Missy Hissy at 4 months (F4 SBT)


Topanga at 10 months old


Kira at 10 months old


Athena at 8 months old




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