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Welcoming your new kitten or cat home! 


It is very important that you are prepared foy your new addition to the family.  From all my experiences introducing a new pet, I suggest this:  Have a room with a litter box, food, water and a comfortable place for your kitten or cat to lay and have toys for them to play with.  You will be their primary care giver, as they bond with you.  Keep your new pet with you in that room, giving them a lot of attention, and love.  These cats are very intelligent, and will explore in a few days.  Remember if you are not confortable leaving them alone yet then don't do it.  Put the animal back in the room till you come home.  Slowly introduce your new pet to different noises, people, vacuum cleaners etc.  Once adjusted to his or her surroundings, place the litter box in an area where it will be at all times so you do not confuse them by changing it around.  Then place their food and water in a convenient place for both you and them.  These cats are very smart, outgoing, funny, have great personalities, and love people around them.


LITTER:  It is true cats can smell 1000 times better than us.  Perfume litter is not recommend for your kitten or cat.  Use either a fragrance free clumping litter or a high quality clay litter. A clean litter box is a happy cat! 

FOOD AND WATER:  Fresh water and food is a must. Your kitten or cat should always have enough water at all times.  We free choice our kittens on a high quality food.  (I use Royal Canin Feline kitten,  & Royal Canin canned.)These foods can be found at any pet store.

VACANATIONS:   Yearly distemper, and rabies.  Your kitten care book will have a record when it was last done, and what was given.


Scratching posts or any type of cat condo is great.  It gives them an area to sleep, play and scratch.  Sisal rope is the best!  It is also the most durable.  Dealing with both cats and dogs there are certain toys to avoid, especially with your Savannah, Bengal, Mau or any domestic.  They may be cute on the outside but can be dangerous, by glued eyes, sparkles coming off and rope or string they can swallow and choke.  In dealing over the past several years I have come across a lot of fun toys that are not as destructible.   When I purchase a new toy I try it out on my cats to see how well it will last. (There is no perfect toy, but some that are safer.) Try to avoid toys with a lot of glued sequins, felt, ears etc. Rope toys are fine but keep watch on how well they’re made, you might spend a little more on a toy but it is well worth it.  They love feather toys, balls, rattle balls, crinkle toys, long teasers with leather or toys at the end.  Favorites are always the little furry mice.  I have to admit I’m not fond of them, but they last here for about 2 days then I throw them out. Sisal rope toys are tuff, and great for their claws. (Remember these kittens can learn to fetch).


From owning my own store a while back I will be selling toys and scratching posts that I feel are both made well and entertaining for your new kitten or cat.  




Page updated (4-10-16)