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My Kings and Queens

I'm very excited on the newest  addtions to Midwest Mysticals.

Both girls are  F 4 C'S  with excellent bloodlines. More information is under savannah kittens for sale.

All my Breeders going back to 4 & 5 generation have  very strong and  high Quality lines.

This cattery is PK negative 


My King





Sir Nero ( F 5 C)

Sire:Gattobello Perfetto

 Dam: Kasbah Aeris of Kirembo

This beautiful boy is big, wonderful spots , great personality   and has produced breeder quality kittens.

He's very loving




My Queens


Bee-Be now retired she produced excellent kittens

F 5 C Savannah

Sire: Fusionkatz Cabos of Midwest Mysticals

Dam: C & C savannahs Silver 

Grandparents of Silver

Sire: Thomkatz saved by Zero of Kasbah

Dam: TheKarakashkats Hera of Bespotted




Kashette and Peacon My 2 F 4 C kittens from tamarac Excotics.At 7 months

They have excellent spots and ear type. Spots are getting darker and more defined as they mature. Carrying the oceli behind the ear like the F 1 & F 2 .

Both are very sweet & personality plus

Information on their lines is under savannah kittens



Peacon At 7 months


 Peanut( F 3 )this is Peacons & Kashettes mother as a kitten. What markings and oceli!!


Bee-be is now retired


Cassandra - retired


Below Nala F 5 C-She has produced excellent kittens and Breeding stock to other catterys to continue my bloodlines. Information regarding her lineage is above under Bee-be.They were sisters 



 Bee-Be Now retired




Bree  At 10 weeks old and now a year old 

F 4  Female Savannah

The newest addition to Midwest Mysticals

She's very sweet, Great personality, wonderful spots, ear type & oceli. Bree has produced beautiful kittens. Also, her kittens have been sold to other breeders to continue my lines.

Dam: Kya of Akashikats

Sire: Fuzionkatz Cabos of Midwest mysticals







She is an F 4 SBT Bengal  My new addition to Midwest Mysticals  

 From Labella-luna-Bengals out of Lyle Mn

She is a beautiful tri-colored marble, with nice ear type,beautiful glitter coat

Her mother is a Silver rosetted Bengal

Her Father is a beautiful marble




Mr. Mr. at 15 weeks ( Staying at Midwestmysticals)

F 5 C Savannah

Sire: Sir Nero

Dam: Bee-be

Producing excellent kittens And is a big boy with wonderful personality.



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